Sawgrass the Eco-Friendly Printing Machines

for orders and inquires : +966-58-16-16-222 , +966-59-59-69-888

First of all, Sawgrass uses the “Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry” as their guideline when determining whether a product can be declared a “green product”. This list gives a number of ways that companies can manufacture green products.  One of the recommendations is to limit or eliminate the use of solvents.



In addition to using a green ink, you can really create a eco-friendly sublimation station if you  pair your Sublijet Ink with a sawgrass printers. The sawgrass Printer first printer available in the U.S. with some internal components manufactured using non-toxic, plant-based plastics.This printer also uses less power when printing, which means you can print with near-instant readiness and zero ozone emissions.

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