Expiry Date and Barcode printers

Expiry Date and Barcode printers 

Expire date and production dates are now from the first requirement of the governments for each and every production line and on each and every product here we are talking about machines which helps factories and plants to print expiry date and be up to the requirements  of the governments . These machine uses TIJ technology  (thermal inkjet) the technology which based on using the expiry date printing machine with Cartridge ink that makes the barcode printing machine having zero maintenance and more working time which will give extra speed in the production line the the machines are of two major types

1- production line expiry date printers

2- mobile expiry date printers

Barcode printing machine , expiry date printing machine

by using these machines you can print : expiry date , production date , time , barcode , text , logo , serial  and number and ETC .

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966581616222 / 966595969888

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